Perini Navi completes mast stepping of Perseus^3 60m Sloop

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Perini Navi completed the mast stepping operation of Perseus^3, the 60m

sloop with one of the tallest masts in the world.


Perini Navi Group, a leader in the design and construction of many of the world’s

largest sailing and motor yachts, is proud to announce the successful completion of

mast stepping aboard their most recent launch, Perseus^3, hull # 56 of the Perini

Navi sailing fleet. The sloop rigged Perseus^boasts one of the world’s largest

carbon fibre masts. Its was delivered by the spar maker Future Fibres and

assembled at the Perini Navi facility in La Spezia.


The 75.8m carbon fibre mast stands among the 3 tallest rigs ever built in the world

and in the words of Future Fibres “we have managed to produce a tube with a

perfect exterior surface and a flawless Clearcote gloss Carbon finish with zero filler

– which can add up to 3 per cent to the weight of a mast”. The mast weight is

optimised at 16.4 tonnes.


The 23.4m carbon fibre furling boom has been manufactured using pre-preg carbon

improving structural performance and weight, compared with standard wet–laminate

construction. The boom features a new mandrel furling and locking system, as a

result of extensive testing and prototyping.


Future Fibres standing rigging comprises Carbon fibre for the laterals, while the fore

and aft stays are made of a combination of Carbon, PBO and Kevlar.

Perseus^will feature an exclusive Rig Load Monitoring System that through a

series of strain gauges constantly detects the loads acting on the rig components.


The complete sail set exceeds 10,000 square metres, among which the A2 with its

2,602 square metres is the largest sail ever built.


For the handling and control of the impressive sailing system, Perseus^features

the new generation of Perini Navi captive winches and furlers. The Jib winches pull

a maximum load of 30 tonnes and have a maximum line speed of 40 metre per

minute. Electric variable speed motors and furlers, duly synchronised and monitored

by the Perini Navi Automated Sail Handling System, dramatically improve furling

and deploy times while speeding the tacking and jibing time by over 75% compared

to vessels of the previous generation.


Technical Features

Mast: 75.8m Carbon Fibre by Future Fibres

Boom: 23.4m Carbon Fibre by Future Fibres

Standing rig: Lateral Rigging in Carbon Fibre

Aft and Fore Stays in Carbon+PBO+Kevlar


Sail Inventory:

Main Sail 808 m2

The mast features 4 main sail locks: 1 full hoist + 3 reefs

Batten car system

Cunningham ram

Reacher 1,160 m2

Blade 706 mwith carbon vertical battens

Staysail 370 m2

On soft hanks and removable torque cable

Code 0 1,804 m2

On the biggest torque cable TDF ever built by Future Fibres

A2 2,602 m2

A3 2,173 m2

Spinnaker Stay sail 721 m2