Luxury Superyacht Furniture by VAAR

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                VARR Superyacht Furniture  


When Fulvia Tissi, interior designer, met Carl Vaar, Superyacht Captain , noticed titanium was perfect for sailing and so was born VAAR collection ideal for Superyacht Owners.

Fulvia was already very clear in her mind about the design direction she would be pursuing. Her brand had thus far been known for its sophisticated indoor and outdoor furnishings, but soon launched the Vaar collection which became an instant hit because of the superb custom crafting and meticulous sourcing of the materials used. Titanium was the star of the collection . The Vaar collection is made entirely in Italy by specialized crafts.


The whole spirit of the Vaar collection is down to the way Tissi and her team combine the materials they use. Despite the fact that they are happy to embrace a very modern, new generation material and the purity of form and functionality that entails, they also avail themselves of the warmth of certain absolutely timeless materials. It’s no surprise therefore that the Vaar collection always combines titanium and steel with woods and stitched leather.


               VARR Superyacht Furniture


 The Vaar collection was, of course, designed specifically for the yacht market “because it was created with a strong custom bent, the models are really just the starting point for the brand. They can all be modified and personalised to suit each individual Client and we’ll often end up with an entirely new piece of furniture as a result,” Tissi explains.

“We find ourselves creating some very interesting pieces because we have such a direct relationship with our clients.”


Vaar collaborates with important worldwide naval architects, shipyards and directly with Owners.

Vaar is not only a collection of products but above all a group that makes custom furnishings and exclusive projects.


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